The LMK 6-5 is a 5MP camera, suitable for a large number of applications. To see the general facts about TechnoTeam's LMK 6 camera, please visit the main page here

In the following, you will find the complete specifications of the LMK 6-5, as well as suitable components like filters, lenses, and applications where the LMK 6-5 is the best option. 

Technical Data
Sensor — imaging CMOS matrix system 2464 × 2056 Pixel
Sony-CMOS [ IMX 250 (2/3"); 12 Bit digital ]
Housing dimensions without lenses (H × W × D) Stable black anodized aluminum housing: 80 mm × 80 mm × 47 mm
Weight Camera housing without lens: 600 g
Available lenses: 120 g – 800 g
Data interface  Gigabit Ethernet Interface(GigE®)
Metrological data
Dynamic range Single picture measurement: 1:1100 (~ 61 dB)
High-dynamic measure (exposure bracketing series): 1:10,000,000 (~ 140 dB)
Spectral matching1 Matched to the V(λ) luminance function for luminance measurement with a full-glass filter
Metrological specification V(λ) [ f1' < 3 %]2
Measuring quantity Luminance: L (cd/m²)>
Measuring range³ Integration/exposure time from 100 μs to 15 s
1 ms ≈ max. 10,000 cd/m²
3 s ≈ max. 3.3 cd/m²
The detection limit4 (f3,0) for all integration/exposure times is about 0.04 % relative to the given maximum luminance value.
Higher luminance can be measured using optional neutral density filters.
Calibration uncertainty5
fix focused lenses ∆L [ < 2% ]
focusable lenses ∆L [ < 2.5% ]
Repeatability6 ∆L [ < 0.1% ]
Measuring accuracy ∆L [ < 3%] for standard illuminant A
Uniformity4 ∆L [ < 2% ]
1 Typical average result for entocentric lenses, specific results available with calibration certification or on request
2 Spectral mismatch f‘1 according to ISO/CIE 19476:2014
3 The luminance value stands for the measuring range end value at the specified exposure/integration time
4 Definition and measurement according to CIE 244:2021
5 Measurements according to CIE 244:2021 using a luminance standard traceable to the PTB (Physikalisch-Technische-Bundesanstalt, the National Metrology Institute of Germany)
6 Measurement performed on a stabilized white LED light source L=100 cd/m² – mean value over 100 × 100 camera image pixel

Available lenses

Our LMK can be equipped with a large variety of lenses. This includes standard manual lenses, NED lenses and macroscope lenses. 

Click on the buttons below to see the available lenses for the LMK 6-5 models.