The LMK LabSoft add-on LMK EN13201 street analysis offers the possibility to measure street luminance and derive data for calculating the TI value as a key figure for the level of disability glare in a simple procedure.
You can collect all parameters necessary for an EN13201 compliant analysis with a single luminance image acquisition. The software then processes the measured luminance values to provide the desired results.
This add-on can also be used to measure the parameters for roadway lighting in tunnels. Here, the software follows the specifications of several national guidelines (RABT, RVS 09.02.41, IES LM-71-14) for the uniformity evaluation of roadway luminance of tunnel sections. Furthermore, this add-on can also be used to evaluate the illumination of the entrance section in the portal area according to the L20 method (CIE Publ. 88).



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