The LMK and LMK color are ILMDs (imaging luminance measuring devices) and ICMDs (imaging color measuring devices). Digital camera systems that are used for absolute measurement of luminance and color. In addition to a so called spot photometer or colorimeter (non-image forming) this measurement principle additionally delivers geometric measurement data, because it does measure the spatial luminance distribution L (x,y), which includes information on position and object size. This allows more complex analyses of lighting situations. Various results are obtained from the measured images, such as luminance, luminous intensity, illuminance, color values, contrasts, and other photometric perception criteria, such as glare and detectability.

The LMK systems can differ from another in their configuration, depending on whether, for example, the evaluation of displays, automotive lighting components, luminaires in architecture, or other measurement applications are needed. All cameras are delivered as complete systems with appropriate lenses, optical filter glasses, and software packages.

Our systems are individually adjusted and calibrated according to applicable standards. Your exact measurement task is decisive and implemented after a personal consultation, thanks to our many years of experience in the LMK adjustment process. 

Advantages and product features of the LMK 6 camera series

  • Available as luminance measuring and as a color measurement camera
  • Three different image resolutions (5, 12 and 30 megapixels) are available
  • Very large selection of different lenses
  • each LMK is individually traceable, adjusted, and calibrated in combination with the delivered lenses
  • Low weight and small housing dimensions
  • The spectral filter glasses used are individually manufactured and offer the highest possible transmission
  • Optional optimized stray light reduction
  • Image acquisition trigger controlled by the image content
  • Detection and measurement of the modulation of the light source drive
  • Advanced image sensor control and monitoring allow customized measurement image resolutions