The goniophotometers of the RiGO801 model series are based on the near-field measuring principle. A luminance measurement camera (ILMD) records the complete spatial and angle-resolved luminance distribution around the light source. Ray data and the far-field luminous intensity distribution are calculated from this.

The RiGO801 goniophotometer systems are available in different sizes. The application of the smaller devices is more in the field of ray data (ray file) measurement of small light sources (Micro LEDs, LEDs, OLEDs, modules). With the larger devices, the focus is on measuring the luminous intensity distribution in accordance with the standards IES LM-79-19 and EN 13032-4 or CIE S 0 25. Spectral and colorimetric characterization (CCT, CRI, IES TM-30, ...) is provided by the goniospectrometer add-on.


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