Goniophotometer RiGO801 - L

Goniophotoneter available in differend standard sizes (1400, 1500, 1800, 2000 mm diameter of measuring volume). Hanging or upright measuring position.

Goniophotometer RiGO801 - L

Type C goniophotometer series for measurement objects of a diameter up to 2000 mm
Goniophotometer RiGO801 - Leuchten

The large goniophotometers can be employed for measuring light sources ranging from small LEDs/OLEDs to large luminaires. They are available in different sizes. The currently available standard sizes (diameter of measuring volume) are 1400 mm, 1500 mm, 1800 mm and 2000 mm. The kind of device to be chosen mainly depends on the product range to be measured and on the size of the available laboratory room. Customized designs are possible at corresponding additional costs.

The measuring results are the LID, the luminous flux and for light sorces larger than 100 mm also ray files. Very small light sources are measured directly usinf the illuminance meter in far-field mode. In case of an available spectroradiometer (option), gonio-spectrometric measurements (angular dependend and mean color coordinates, CRI, SPD, ...) conform to LM79 and CIE S 0 25 / EN13032-4 can be performed. The evaluation of lumiance and color images is possible by using the program LMK LabSoft.

The goniometer mechanics includes an external, vertically rotating frame (phi – axis), in which a horizontally rotating arm is mounted (theta – axis). At the end of the internal arm, the measuring sensors are mounted. During the measurement, the object to be measured – which can be mounted either in a hanging or upright position - remains stationary. This setup is conform to LM79 requirements.

In the case of these systems - as opposed to the smaller, self-standing goniophotometers - the external rotating frame must be fixed to a ceiling construction. For detailed information, please refer to our laboratory specification.

Basic technical parameters

Size of the device under test:

depending on the model, between 1200 and 2000 mm, cf. specification

Required space:

depending on the model, required room height between 2800 mm and 4055 mm


goniometer with two coupled axes

Measuring position:

stationary, burning position hanging or upright

For detailed information about any components, please refer to the device specification.

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