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Near-field Goniophotometer RiGO801

The near-field goniophotometers of the series RiGO801 measure luminous intensity distributions, ray sets / ray files, luminance distributions and spectral data of LEDs up to large luminaires. The measurements are enabled through a camera-based measuring technique in the case of which a luminance measuring camera is moved around the object to be measured, with the measuring distance being small. Thus, particularly compact measuring systems can be realized.

The luminance images recorded by the measuring camera are transformed into ray data widely used in optical simulation. The ray data are also transformed into the far-field luminous intensity distribution. Thus, the RiGO801 goniophotometers perform the measurement tasks of classical far-field goniophotometers as well.


  • type C goniometer according to LM-79
  • DUT remains stationary and in its position of use (except RiGO801 – LED)
  • not linked to far-field condition
  • high measuring speed due to continuous measurement
  • complete description of light radiation on the basis of the ray data
  • luminous flux measurement with integrated photometer through integration of the illuminances (according to CIE 084:1989)
  • direct luminous intensity measurement of small objects to be measured with the photometer in the far-field mode
  • measurement of luminance distributions
  • Gonio-spectrometric measurements (option spectroradiometer)
  • compact and light design
  • program for export of ray files free of license fees

Result data

  • luminous intensity distributions (LID) in all common formats (IES, EULUMDAT, TM14, Calculux, ...)
  • luminous flux, light output ratio
  • aquisition of spectral data (color measurement camera and spectrometer)
  • CRI, CCT and mean chromacity coordinates according to LM-79-08, CIE S 025 and EN 13032-4 (option gonio-spectroradiometer)
  • stabilization protocol, monitoring, power consumption, temperature profile
  • processing and archiving of the LID data in an photometric database (LumCAT)
  • ray files available in different formats (e.g. ASAP, Optis, LucidShape, LightTools, Zemax, TracePro, SimuLux, Photopia, TM25)
  • luminance and color images (option color measurement camera)


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