Historical outline

Established in 2018

Techno Team Vision USA Inc is the Americas sales and technical support office and a wholly owned subsidiary of TechnoTeam Bildverarbeitung GmbH. We are proud to carry on the tradition of our parent company, founded in 1991 by researchers at the Ilmenau University of Technology. Our products are based on their work in image processing, recognition and applications development. TechnoTeam developed and commercialized one of the earliest image-resolving light and color measurement devices for use in both laboratory applications and industrial automation. TechnoTeam products can be found around the world supporting the development and manufacture of products such as displays, headlamps and luminaires and have become the standard of excellence for light metrology in the automotive industry. TechnoTeam continues to be a leader in the field of the 2D and 3D measurement and has contributed major innovations as part several joint research projects.